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        • Autonomy - a system's ability to operate without human intervention

      • The deployment of increasingly automated maritime systems such as collision avoidance systems, remote monitoring tools, and workload management software will have a positive impact on productivity, emission reduction and safety.

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      • Bringing digital trailblazers and maritime stakeholders together

      • Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) is a think tank that brings stakeholders from the entire maritime value chain and technology providers together to share (technical) knowledge by presenting and discussing ongoing projects resulting in a 360° perspective on the challenges that are being faced.

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      • MASS is a place to share technical knowledge on innovative technologies and network. By uniting members from the entire maritime value chain with technology providers gives the opportunity to view projects from a 360° perspective.

        Membership is free of charge, we only ask to actively participate in our sessions and/or present a project you are currently working on.

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