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        • Increasing the degree of autonomy of the global maritime industry

      • Through the use of software that can operate within the scope of the algorithm (automated ship) or by letting the operating system calculate consequences and risks, and make decisions by itself (fully autonomous ship)

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  • About MASS
      • Bringing software developers and maritime stakeholders together

      • Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) is a think tank that brings stakeholders from the entire maritime value chain and technology providers together to share (technical) knowledge by presenting and discussing ongoing projects resulting in a 360° perspective on the challenges that are being faced.

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      • MASS is a place to share technical knowledge on innovative technologies and network. By uniting members from the entire maritime value chain with technology providers gives the opportunity to view projects from a 360° perspective.

        Membership is free of charge, we only ask to actively participate in our sessions and/or present a project you are currently working on.

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