One Sea - MASS Code – Technology concepts, systems and functions

One Sea - MASS Code – Technology concepts, systems and functions
  • IMO has started the work on MASS Code

    • Ready by the end of 2025 as a non-mandatory Code
    • Entering into force by 01/01/2028 through a tacit acceptance procedure

    There is still great spread and variation in the use of definitions, vocabulary and terminology adding to the confusion of the debate.

    A ship is a system of systems. Systems may have different levels of automation. Autonomy is a sum of automated functions.


    1. Navigation
    2. Remote operation
    3. Communication
    4. Subdivision, stability & watertight integrity
    5. Fire protection/safety
    6. Lifesaving appliances and equipment
    7. Management of safe operations
    8. Controlling the operation of the ship
    9. Security
    10. Search and rescue
    11. Cargo handling
    12. Personal safety and comfort
    13. Towing and mooring
    14. Marin engineering/Machinery installation
    15. Electric and electric engineering/Electric installation
    16. Maintenance and repair
    17. Emergency response
    Example: navigation (see slide deck)
    • Automated lookout
      • Detection
      • Recognition
      • Identification
    • Collision avoidance
    • Auto docking
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  • Knipsel
        • Presentation date
        • 26/04/2023
        • Speaker
        • Marko Rahikainen (Director of Regulatory Affairs)
        • Company
        • One Sea
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